School: Naomh Pádraig, Carn Domhnaigh (roll number 14359)

Carn Domhnach, Co. Dhún na nGall
Eoghan Ó Gallchobhair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1115, Page 22

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1115, Page 22

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  3. XML “A Hidden Treasure”
  4. XML “A Ghost Story”

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  1. Once upon a time there was a man in Ballyboe who was very poor. The cruel landlords threatened him with letters. The husband's grand-father always said "Never mind we'll be happy some day." They had to sell their cattle and part of their land to pay the rates and rent. Soon they noticed that the grandfather named "Johnny" was beginning to stray from home.
    One morning when the husband was out ploughing, he heard a rap-a-tap-rap in the rocks nearby. He went towards the rocks and lay down behind a clump of bushes. He saw Johnny working with might and main cutting a hole in a large round rock. The husband jumped to his feet and said "What -as- what are you trying to do."
    Oh, says Johnny, says he "I'm digging a treasure". The two of them got to work and soon discovered a large chest of gold coins. They bought back their lands and lived happily ever afterwards. Johnny' word's came true.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.