School: Wilkinstown (roll number 1917)

Wilkinstown, Co. Meath
Máire Ní Failcheallaigh

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A Pot of Gold

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 026

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In a field owned by Mr McKeever - a part of the Bishop's Field - there is said to be a pot of gold hidden. The spot where it is supposed to be is right opposite Lawrence Crahan's house.
It is not very easy to get this gold because of the conditions connected with the getting of it. First of all a person must dream of it for three nights in succession, seeing the exact position of it each time.
A bright night after midnight when the full moon is shining is the time to dig for the treasure. The lucky person who dreams of it for the three nights is the person to lift the pot but he must not go alone to do so. One other person must accompany him.
The greatest care must be taken in the unearthing of the pot of gold as it is closely guarded by a fierce, big, black cat with fiery yellow eyes. When it feels that its home is being disturbed it will jump up and dash at the face of the person nearest to it. If it succeeds in scraping the poor victim, then that

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Dolours Sheridan
Wilkinstown, Co. Meath
Laurence Crahan
Wilkinstown, Co. Meath