School: Coill Chláir (roll number 14276)

Kilclare, Co. Leitrim
Treasa Ní Oibeacáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0211, Page 173

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0211, Page 173

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  3. XML “Local Happenings”
  4. XML “Local Happenings - A Great Burning”
  5. XML “Local Happenings - A Great Plague”

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  1. There is a lake near Carrick-on-Shannon named Lough Bran. One day two men namely Patrick Doherty of Killamara and Thomas Flynn of Ballinaboy went out fishing in the lough. They were not long out when a storm arose. The boat capsized and one of the men was drowned. Michael Padden of Teemacternan was getting on a visit ot William Moreton's house of Farnaught. He heard the man screaming for help and he went to his rescue. He succeeded in swimming out and catching Doherty.
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  2. One Autumn evening on the fifth of October eighteen ninety three a number of men were gathered in Eugene Taylor's of Hollypark. They were sitting at the room fire when they heard a crackling sound of burning timber. They were astonished to find the house on fire. So as quickly as possible they got out the most valuable articles. Soon the house was on fire and it was burned to the ground.
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