School: Uachtar Árd (roll number 4786)

Oughterard, Co. Galway
An tSr M. S. Iognáid
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 310

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 310

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  1. There was once a man named John Fahy. One evening as it was getting late he went out to look for his cow. The cow was on the point of calving and he wanted to bring her in. There was a place where all the cows used to go because it sheltered them. This place was called Cór-Na. The people suspected that this place was inhabited by the fairies and no one ever liked to stay too long in it.
    The man looked for the cow and he could not find her and he was wondering what had happened to her when he heard a baby cry. He was thinking it was no real child. He listened again and heard it cry and he heard a woman saying "stop a leanbh", John Fahy's cow will calve tonight and he will have plenty of milk."
    The man knew it was a fairy woman who said this and he said to himself he would go home and leave her to God and he would get the cow in the morning. He went home and next morning when he looked out, the snow was halfway up the door, and standing three feet from the door was the cow and the calf behind her. The people said that if he took
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      1. supernatural and legendary beings (~14,864)
    Nora Joyce
    Oughterard, Co. Galway