School: Uachtar Árd (roll number 4786)

Oughterard, Co. Galway
An tSr M. S. Iognáid
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 273

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 273

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    water home. They leave money, broaches and buttons and all kinds of thing at the well. Certain people can see a fish in the well and others can't see it at all.
    If the water in the well is brought to any house and put in a kettle or pot it will never boil.
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  2. The herbs that do most harm to the land are nettles, dog leaves, rushes, thistles, fearaban and burians. All these weeds smother the crops.
    Nettles and rushes grow in very bad land. The herbs used to cure diseases are nettles to cure a sore throat. The old people used always keep a bottle of nettle juice in the house for sore throats. A weed called "caisléain" cures heart trouble.
    Children eat cuckoo saddle and watercress. Wild ferns are good
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    Julia Clancy
    Oughterard, Co. Galway