School: Mullach Dubh

Lisgorman, Co. Leitrim
Pádhraic Ó Blioscáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0203, Page 168

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0203, Page 168

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    of which was his best friend. Donnell entered and during a conversation with the manager he remarked that his mother was outside propped up against the wall, but that she was deaf and dumb. The servant who was sent out for her was told to tap her on the shoulder and show her in. As he did so the body dropped into the well underneath. After much uproar the body was recovered but the wailing of the poor son could not be stopped. The manager promised to give Donnell a hatfull of gold if the circumstances of his mother's death were kept secret. This somewhat appeased the boy and his sorrow was soon exchanged to joy when after the burial he received the promised bribe. On his way home he met Huddon and Duddon who inquired where he got the money. He told them that he was after selling his mother and
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