School: Clochar na Trócaire, Cill Chaoi

Kilkee, Co. Clare
Máire Gromail

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Famous Men in Our District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0628, Page 130

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John Morrissy, St. Patrick Terrace. He brought a scale about two cwt from Chimney bay to where he lived. He brought a bellows from some blacksmiths forge to where he lived. He used to pull at the regattas.
Henry Keane, Kilfeara put a harrow on his car by himself. He put ten cwt. of potatoes on his car by himself.
Peter Kelly, the Blocks, brought two cwt of flour by the grip of his teeth.
Martin McGrath, O'Curry Lane brought a can of oil six gallons by the strength of his two arms.
Michael O'Brien and John Foran were the two strongest men in the army. They used to bring a big pot two cwt for miles.There was a huge stone outside John Joe Hickey's in O'Connell St. There was no man in Kilkee that could lift the stone but Michael O'Brien and John Foran.
Mathew O'Dea brought a whole cart on his back from Dunlickey to Moyasta.
Doctor Hickey was great for throwing stones a long way.
Mr. Cotty was great for throwing stones a long way.
Paddy McCarthy brought a half sack of flour under each arm to his own home.

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Teresa Haugh
Kilkee, Co. Clare
Mr Foran
Pound Street, Co. Clare