School: Clochar na Trócaire, Cill Chaoi

Kilkee, Co. Clare
Máire Gromail
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0628, Page 134

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0628, Page 134

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  1. The games we play are Tig, Hide and seek, skipping, High gates, Colours, Corners and spinning tops. This is the way we play some of them. Tig- As many as possible can play it. One girl says a rhyme and the girl she says the last word to has to follow the rest and so on until we are all tired. Hide and seek- As many as possible can play and one child says
    Ena Dena Dina do
    Catch a [...] by the toe
    If he squeals let him go
    Ena Dena Dina do.
    The girl says this until only one child is left and she has to look for the rest and the child that is caught has to follow the rest. Corners- Five children can play it. Everyone tries to get a corner and the one that one that is left is the fool and he tries to get a corner. Spinning tops- Put the top on the ground and whip it until it starts to spin. High gates-Two children hold up the gates and one likes
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