School: Clochar na Trócaire, Cill Chaoi

Kilkee, Co. Clare
Máire Gromail
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0628, Page 138

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0628, Page 138

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  1. There was once a pious old woman who spent most of her time in the Church. She had the habit of sitting in the confessional when there were no confessions on.
    One night she fell asleep and remained there all night. About twelve or one o clock she was awakened by a loud voice which cried out " Is there any one there to serve my Mass? The poor old woman got greatly frightened and could not answer as it struck her that it was some dead priest who was suffering in Purgatory for neglecting to say a Mass on earth. When morning came she went at once to the Parish priest and told the story. Being such a good woman the priest believed her and told her that he would remain up that night and see for himself if the same thing would happen. When the Church was closed he remained there until midnight and just at the same hour the priest appeared on the alter and repeated the words as the woman had said he was dressed in his robe to say Mass. The priest at once answered yes and went up to the Alter and served the Mass and when finished the priest told him
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Teresa Haugh
    Kilkee, Co. Clare
    Mr Frank O' Brien
    Kilkee, Co. Clare