School: Gráinseach, Cill Mocheallóg (roll number 9970)

Grange, Co. Limerick
Tomás Ó Loínsigh

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Travelling Folk

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0516, Page 442

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Travelling Folk
A Long ago "Travelling Folk" used to go from house to house in this locality. Sometimes these travellers would be match-makers in which case both the man and the woman had to pay them when the match would be made; or they would go from house to house either collecting or buying or selling articles. They usually stayed one night in a house and moved off to some other locality next day.
When one of them arrived in a locality all the neighbours assembled that night and listened to his songs or stories until past mid-night. Some of those travellers were Peg the Quilter who hailed from Bruff and who used to make bed-clothes and sell them and Some of her quilts are still to be seen in the locality; Biddy Bourke who was a famous story-teller and she took a particular desire of telling all she knew of the Famine Days; and Nancy "Till" (whose real name

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Mr William Casey
Holycross, Co. Limerick