School: Urhan (C.) (roll number 12260)

Urhin, Co. Cork
Eimile Ní Urdail

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May Day Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 176

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There are lots of pishoques about May day. In the morning before the sun rises, green branches are brought in to the house to show the beginning of the Summer. To put out a white handerchief before day and bring it in afterwards and if anybody is sick to rub it to them it will cure them. If a cow will calf on May Day, then say the cow and calf will die. On May day some people light a blessed candle under the cows to bless them. If you spill a drop of milk on May day they say you will be spilling it for the year. They say you should not give away any milk on May day you would not have luck, but if you make it on May Eve you will have luck on your butter. To put a churn outside the door on May day and turn it to the nieghbors door you will take away their butter. It is also a practice not to put outside the door any red ashes or a man to put out his pip lighting. No body ever get married on May.