School: Snaidhm (C.) (roll number 11799)

Sneem, Co. Kerry
Mrs Palmer

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Snaidhm (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0468, Page 041

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for a coal of fire, but, when she had it as far as the door it quenched. This happened three times so she had to give up trying to take it out. The priest said she was a witch and wanted to take the butter.

Tá a lán rud le n-ithe , tá a lán rud le n-ól ,
Tá a lán rud eile mar a chím,
Do Chonnaich mé a lán rud,
Acht ní Fheaca mé aon rud ,
Ní ba bhFearr na an t-ím

Mrs Hussey
Gearha, Co. Kerry

Cuigeann Lá Bealtaine , tá sé comh maith le míle Púnt

People put the sock of a plough in the fire until it got red. Then a terrible pain would seize the person who took the butter + it wouldn't go until he or she came back + struck a few strokes of the dasher to help to make the churn.