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The Potato Crop

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The Potato Crop

Early potatoes are generally sprouted in boxes and sown in the end of April.
The ground is manured with farmyard manure. The late potatoes are not sprouted as the weather is finer when they are sown and the heat brings them forth quickly.
Iron ploughs are used but spade work is still common in boggy districts. "Scutters" are ridges of the green sward. The sward is cut straight to a line the whole lengthof the field and folded on both sides. The manure is put on top and the clay from the furrows is thrown on top. This method, though slow protects the seed in wet ground.
Sometimes potatoes are sown in drills and when the drills are being opened and closed a "mieceal" is called. Neighbours generally helped each other long ago, but that spirit seems to be dying out.
Wooden ploughs are not used here nor have they been for some time past that is to say for two generations.