Scoil: Ballyfasey, Glenmore (uimhir rolla 9880)

An Baile Fásaigh Íochtarach, Co. Chill Chainnigh
Domhnall Mac Cárthaigh

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It is said that sheep's manure boiled with milk and drunk would cure the measles. or if a person had a toothache and if he licked a frog it would be cured. If a person had a headache it would be cured if he went to Killculm to a stone that is there and put his hands in one hole and his head in another hole. When a person had a toothache long ago lamp oil would cure it by rubbing it on the gum. Applying a plaster and flannel on the back and it would cure it and if a horse had a swelling Embracation would cure it. Long ago a woman named Maine Gaul suffered very much from toothaches and she resolved to fast from meat on Wednesdays and after a while the toothaches went complete by. The blood of a black cat or two Cahills would cure St. Anthony's fire. If a person had warts four for instance and if he would put four stones on the road whoever would get them they themselves would get the warts

Mary Aylward
An Baile Fásaigh Íochtarach, Co. Chill Chainnigh