School: An t-Éadan Mór

Edenmore, Co. Monaghan
S. Mac Philib

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0960, Page 268

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The only kinds of bread made locally in olden times was oatmeal bread, potato bread and Boxty.
Oatmeal bread and potato bread are still made in this district but boxty has died out. Oatmeal bread (hard oaten bread) is made from oatmeal, salt and water for kneading. The bread is baked on a griddle in front of the fire. The reason why the people's teeth in olden times were good is because they ate a lot of oatmeal bread. Before being put on the griddle the sign of the cross was cut over the bread to prevent bad luck coming to the person who ate it.
Potato bread is made from potatoes flour and salt. The potatoes are bruised up with a bruiser. Flour and salt are added and these are mixed up together and rolled on a baking board and cut into farles (quarters). These are baked on a griddle like oatmeal cake and the sign of the cross is cut over it.
Boxty is made in the following way, raw potatoes are peeled, washed grated

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