School: Killeeter

Killeter, Co. Cavan
E. Ní Ghríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1004, Page 183

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1004, Page 183

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  1. There is a very historical place about four miles from Mullagh called Moybologue. There is a moate there and a graveyard. It is one of the oldest graveyards in Ireland. There was a Bishop buried there and a few priests. The Bishop's name was Doctor Reilly and some of his relations are living about there yet.
    The walls of the old chapel where St. Patrick used to say Mass are to be seen yet. At that time people used to go on horseback. On one occassion a woman and her husband whose names were Garrigan were going to Mass and the wife was to receive Holy Communion. Something tempted her to eat a blackberry and when she had done so the devil entered her body and she turned on the congregation and began to eat them all, so St. Patrick who was saying Mass came out with his crozier and cut her in four peices. She was buried outside the graveyard
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    Bernard Smyth
    Greaghnadarragh, Co. Cavan