School: Shanakill, Roscrea

Shanakill, Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Ceallaigh

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Shanakill, Roscrea | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0547, Page 127

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going to hang him, but they could not hang him on the side of the road, and no Catholic would let them in on his farm to hang the man. They took him along the road until they came to Donovan's house. The soldiers asked the Donovans to let them hang the man on his farm, and their father said, "begad I will bowl him in" The soldiers hanged the man and ever since the Donovans are nicknamed "the Bowler Donovans"

The Penal Times

A long time ago there was a church at the back of Comerford's house in Lower Shanakill...

A long time ago there was a church at the back of Comerford's house in Lower Shanakill. It is a mile from the school. There is no trace of the church now.

There was another mud-walled church below in Harrington's field about a quarter of a mile from the school. There is an old graveyard near the church and one time a horse went down in one of the graves when a man was ploughing the field.

Daniel Quinlan
Mr Quinlan

There did a priest reside in the town land convenient to the church. As far as it has been traced down by the old people the priest last known to live in this place was Father Lawlor. This priest had to go also to celebrate mass in Killea. There was no means of travelling in those days except to walk across the fields

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