School: Ráithín (C.) (roll number 9384)

Raheen, Co. Kerry
Peig, Bean Uí Chróinín

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Ráithín (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0457, Page 118

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37. Four men of the family name of the dead person removed the coffin and placed it on two chairs outside the door where it was left rest from some minutes - then removed it to the hearse and again took it from the hearse to the grave.

38. Married women did not wear mourning after their (own) friends as long as their own husbands lived
39. People going on journeys were anxious to meet a man first and disliked meeting a woman particularly "foxy" woman.
40 Hens fighting told of a visitór
41 A sap on to a hen's tail - told of a funeral
42. Correct age is not put on breastplate of coffin - a year younger or elder and always an odd number.
43. If a whirlwind was noticed coming towards them a bunch of grass was plucked and allowed go with it -