School: Baile na Cille (roll number 1320)

Ballynakill, Co. Galway
Éinrí Ó Mainnín

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0072

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We have a churn at home and it is about two feet high and four feet in circumference. The parts of the churn are called the dash, handle, patties, butter cup and clasp.
The dash twists round inside when the handle is twisted.
My mother usually churns. First she scalds the churn with boiling water. Then she puts in the dash. There is a hole in the side of the churn and a hole in the side of the dash also. Then she places part of the (churn) handle in the hole of the churn and puts it in the hole in the dash also.
When she has that done she pours in the cream and starts churning. Sometimes the milk is hard to be churned. she pours hot water in the milk and by doing that the milk is more easily churned. It takes her about half-an-hour to churn.
When she has churned she takes out the butter with a buttercup and puts it in a bigger buttercup. She rinses it with water. Then she rinses it again and salts it. After that she make it into a nice roll with the patties.

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Eileen Dervan
Burroge, Co. Galway