School: Baile na Cille (roll number 1320)

Ballynakill, Co. Galway
Éinrí Ó Mainnín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0067

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0067

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  1. I made many toys from candlegrease and cloth. I made a doll from cloth. First I got a piece of cloth and I sewed it up to each side and I left one part open. Then I stuffed it with wool and left it for the body. After that I sewed another piece for the head.
    For her legs and hands I got four pieces of stick and covered them with cloth. For her eyes and mouth I got a needle and thread and put two stitches for her eyes and one for her mouth.
    I made a hurley and ball from candlegrease. First I softened some candlegrease on the heath. Then I formed some of it into the shape of a hurley and ball.
    I made a cat from candlegrease also. First I softened some candlegrease and formed it in the shape of a cat.
    I saw boys making a car. They got three or four boards and nailed one on each side of a board and one in front and one in the back. Then they got a piece of wood and tacked it on to the bottom board for an axle. Then they got two polish boxes and put one on each side of the axle for wheels.
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    Eileen Dervan
    Burroge, Co. Galway