School: Baile na Cille (roll number 1320)

Ballynakill, Co. Galway
Éinrí Ó Mainnín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0091

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0091

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  1. On Easter Sunday morning some people believe that the sun dances and get up to see it. Everybody eats two or three eggs each on that day. They save up the egg shells to decorate the Maypole tree on May Eve.
    On Chalk Sunday young people draw lines with chalk on bachelors' clothes coming out from Mass if they get a chance. Long ago bachelors only were chalked but now they chalk everybody if they can get a chance.
    Horses are not worked on Whit Monday. Nobody fishes on W that day.
    Everybody wears a piece of shamrock in his coat on St Patrick's Day.
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