School: Cill Chuana (roll number 12782)

Kilcoona, Co. Galway
Liam Ó Conáin

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Seán Boy

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0022, Page 0017

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In the old days when Castlecackett big house was in full swing, a famous horse rider or trainer by the name of Sean-Boy was kept there by the owner, Colonel Hacket an officer in the service of Cromwell.
One morning very earl Sean-Boy was out riding on the road to Tuam. He believed the horse he was riding on was one of the best in Ireland and he hoped to win one of the big races in England with it in a few days. He was riding at a terrible testing his horse and on looking back he was surprised to see an old woman riding on an ass. She was rapidly gaining ground on him. He drove the spurs into his horse but still the woman gained ground and in a few minutes she was riding side by side with him. She said, “that is a great horse you are riding and the only thing you want now is a good whip. Here is this one and while you carry it you will win all the races you ride in. here now and good morning,” said she. Sean took the whip and on looking round to thank her he found she had disappeared. Shean drove on and won the big race in England and he won every race after that til his horse died. The whip remained in Castlehacket House till Sean died and then the whip disappeared as suddenly as it came into his possession.

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Ballycasey, Co. Galway
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Ballycasey, Co. Galway