School: Eaglais

Burren, Co. Mayo
S. Ó Mongaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0089, Page 036

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0089, Page 036

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  3. XML “Gold in the Burrenmore Cave”
  4. XML “The Sheep Stealer”

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  1. There is a pot of gold in a cave at the back of Burren Mór hill. It is said that at the time of the war long ago the Frenchmen put it there. One time when two Frenchmen were coming out of the cave they were attacked by their enemies. They were killed and they were buried near the cave. There is a lot of stones on top of their graves. I saw them with my own two eyes.
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          1. treasure legends (~7,411)
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    AT1536A: The Woman in the Chest
    Mr Forde
    Michael Forde
    Burren, Co. Mayo
  2. Once upon a time there was a man who used to steal sheep at night. One night there was a party in the next house. This man who had the party found a lot of his sheep gone. He knew that the man next door was in the habit of stealing sheep. He had a big box in the house. The house was small for the party so he asked the neighbour that if he could leave in the box in his house that night. The man said he could. In the middle of the night the man brought in a sheep which he had stolen. But he said, "Before I kill her I will see what is in the box". The box was locked but he got a key that opened it. What was in the box but the old woman from the next house. The man said, "You will not bring home the news". There were bones for the old woman to be eating in the box so the man stuck one bone down her
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