School: Dunmanus, Toormore

Dunmanus East, Co. Cork
Helena Lucey
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 152

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 152

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  1. Different bands of travelling people visit my home at different times. In the summer time you would generally see them, and at Christmas. Some of them travel on foot, but others have vans and cars. Different families camp on the road-side and remain there a few days. They get milk and bread from the neighbouring people. Some of them sell laces, camphor, pins, holy pictures, and ballads, and if the people do not buy from them they give them a few pence.
    Gipsies visit this district nearly every year, they sell lace, cloth, and soap, baskets, chairs and small tables. Some of them come from Limerick, and Waterford. There are always two of three families of them together. They generally have a lot of ponies and donkeys, and they have big vans and cars. They also sell and buy ponies, donkeys, and horses. They tell a lot of stories, and are always anxious to tell people their fortunes. They are not very
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    Bridie Walsh
    Lissacaha, Co. Cork