School: Dunmanus, Toormore

Dunmanus East, Co. Cork
Helena Lucey
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 132a

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 132a

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  1. Songs Composed about Places Around my District

    The Barrel Rocks:- Come all you jolly mariners give ear into my song,

    Come all you jolly mariners,
    Give ear into my song,
    And if you pay attention
    I wont detain you long.
    It's about the Lady Charlotte
    From Lima she set sail,
    And was homward bound to Liverpool,
    On a sweet and pleasant gale.
    Our hearts were light an merry,
    And our spirits they were great,
    Until we reached the Irish coast, no dangers to relate.
    The wind it blew a hurricane, regardless of our might,
    Which drove us on the Barrel Rocks
    On a cold and dreary night.
    Our cargo it consisted of dollars, and good store,
    Seeds, bark, hides and wool, gold and silver ore.
    Our Captain's name was John Mac Gill,
    A man of skill profound,
    Our jolly crew, with perfect health,
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.