School: Dunmanus, Toormore

Dunmanus East, Co. Cork
Helena Lucey
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 217

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 217

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  1. "Hibernian" or "Iberian" on Bird Island in Dunmanus Bay close to [?] about 48 yrs ago - song next page,
    "Bohemian" over 50 years ago in Dunlough Bay.
    "Memphis" Dunlough Bay near Mizen Head in Nov. 1897 - 7 or 8 lost. Song page 59.
    "Oswestry" in March 1899 at Mizen Head (General cargo - copper, timber, flour, carriage wheels).
    "Queensmore" on fire in Dunmanus Bay.
    "Irada" Clohane Island near Mizen Head over 30 years ago. cotton and wood chief cargo.
    The "Memphis" had a valuable cargo of cattle, timber, bacon, lard, cheese, matchwood, margarine, butter. Cheese and butter saved from this wreck were sold in Bantry.
    The Hibernian, Glerian & Bohemian were sister ships and were all lost within ten years. The "Glerian" was wrecked on Cape Clear Cargo rum.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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      1. historical periods by name (~25)
        1. the great famine (~4,013)
    P. Mc Grath
    Gorttyowen, Co. Cork