School: Dunmanus, Toormore

Dunmanus East, Co. Cork
Helena Lucey
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 153

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 153

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    The best known of our travelling people are Coffey's and Driscoll's. A man named Coakley visits this district sometimes. He doesn't sleep in any dwelling house, he sleeps in barns or sheds.
    Some of the travelling people are better dressed than others. Long ago there were many more travelling people there, than there are now. They used then get potatoes and meat, and sell them in the shops when they had gathered a good load.
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  2. A lot of travelling people visit this district all through the year, especially in the summer time. Those that generally come to this district in summer are the Coffey's, the Driscoll's and the Price's. They do not sleep in the houses, but camp on the side of the road for about a week. Some of them sell laces, tongs, needles, camphor, and holy pictures. These travellers are generally welcome, and people buy from them, and if not they give them money. They sometimes tell stories of places they
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    Dick Lucey
    Ballyrisode, Co. Cork