School: Dunmanus, Toormore

Dunmanus East, Co. Cork
Helena Lucey
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 149

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0288, Page 149

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  1. The district in which I live in is rich in folk-lore.
    Túarmór - (A black green). Was so called because in the olden times the people used bleach their clothes on a igh green field here
    Carrigín Dubh - is a rockly little island very near the shore on which black weeds grow.
    Cathaoir - is the name of a field near us. It is so called because the shap of an arm-chair is cut into a big rock in the field.
    Gort-na-Neacaire.- (The Fairy Field) It is the largest field in this town-land, it contains two and a half acres. There is a subterranean passage where the sea beats against the fence, and extends about half a mile in a westerly direction. An old tradition says that it was used by the Danes when they came to Ireland. The old Catholic schol was also built n the same field, but it had to be removed over to Dunmanus, the site of the present school, for no Catholic school would be allowed in Toormore by the Minister of that time.
    The Altar is the next town-land to us, it got its name from a druid's Altar, which is
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    Timothy O' Driscoll
    Dunmanus East, Co. Cork