School: Killyrann

Killyran, Co. Cavan
Mrs Stafford

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Killyrann | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964, Page 287

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Nowadays both young and old wear boots in the Winter but in very olden times the people used to go barefooted all year round and they were much healthier and they did not suffer from sore feet and corns.
In this district most of the children go barefooted, we all like that well and it is healthy and it keeps our feet cool also. In the winter time when the weather is cold we wear boots which we get to buy in the shop.
Some people in this district repair their own boots as they put half soles, heels, toecaps or whatever repairs they need on them. Some people often get boots made with the shoe-maker but they are not as nice or as good a quality as the ones we get to buy in the shop.
In olden times people wore clogs and they brought the uppers of boots if they were in good repair to the man who makes them. He put wooden soles on them and they were

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Daisy Gault
Killyran, Co. Cavan