School: Killyrann

Killyran, Co. Cavan
Mrs Stafford

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An Old Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964, Page 294

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Long ago there lived a queen in Ireland called Maeve. One day she said to her husband we will count our money and see who is the richest.

The queen had gold and silver but her husband had just as much. Her husband had cattle and sheep and a young white bull and there was another like him in Connaught.
When the queen saw this she said she would get a bull to match her husbands. She send messengers throughout all Ireland to search for a white bull. At last she was told that there was a bull at Cooley. Maeve sent a man to buy him and a bargain was made. The man who went to buy the bull began to boast and the bull was taken from him.

Ernest Gerty
Killyran, Co. Cavan