School: Tyrrellspass (2) (roll number 13743)

Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath
Mrs Payne
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0731, Page 191

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0731, Page 191

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    in Guilford & he used to send down turnips to his cattle & sheep. All the people from Cloneyhague to come out of the bog & get a couple of turnips & bring them home & boil them & put pollard along with them & made bread out of them.
    The present Jack Payne's father gave the poor meal & porridge out in Tyrrellspass during the famine. This meal came from foreign countries to the poor starving people of Ireland.
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  2. A Garage
    A garage is a place where men work at motor cars & lorries & other sorts of machinery. Nearly all garages are very large so that they have plenty of room to work in, store cars, get in cars for repairs& have room to put their own car, because practically them all have a couple of cars for hire. Garages are built on main roads in towns & villages. You will always know a garage when you are passing because you will see the petrol pumps out side. all well equipped garages that are on a branch of the Shannon scheme have a pump worked
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    Alan Hodgins
    Dalystown, Co. Westmeath