School: Tyrrellspass (2) (roll number 13743)

Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath
Mrs Payne
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0731, Page 203

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0731, Page 203

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    owned it.
    The chapel is on the opposite side of the road. There is a two storied house beside the chapel & the priest lives there.
    There is no parish priest for the chapel, for the curate is in charge of the parish. Father Kilmartin is the present priest of Tyrrells Pass.
    The bell is outside the chapel in a little bell house.
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  2. Bread
    Bread is our principal food for we eat it three times a day:- for our breakfast, dinner and tea. About a hundred years ago in Ireland there was a terrible famine and we know that it was caused by a very bad crop of potatoes for nearly all the people had a lot of potatoes and very little corn. The people made bread out of every sort of material for instance the people of Cloneyhague district, about two and a half miles from Tyrrellspass made bread out of turnips and pollard in famine times.
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    Alan Hodgins
    Dalystown, Co. Westmeath