School: Cathair Seircín, Inis Tíomáin (roll number 5186)

Cahersherkin, Co. Clare
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 367

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 367

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    All dirty water should be thrown out on Christmas night because it is said that all clean water is changed into wine three times on that is not right to leave feet-water inside any night ,but on New Year's Night it is not right to throw it out straight but sideways because it would put whoever is out astray.
    When in a graveyard it is not right to walk over a grave because the old people say you would be dead before twelve months.When bringing a mare to a stallion it is not lucky to meet a person with a fault because that fault would be in the foal.One day Austin O Brien was coming from the stallion with a mare and the first person he met was an old piper with one eye.He at once thought of the piper's fault and said "Mhuise may bad luck to you ,you blind fool how well it is you I met ."When the mare foaled ,the foal had only one eye.
    If a cock crew
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