School: Cill Loiste (Killusty), Fíodh Árd (roll number 16111)

Killusty North, Co. Tipperary
Máire, Bean Uí Mheacháir

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The Dargadale

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0557, Page 576

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The Dargadale.
Once when the Jews were searching for Our Blessed Lord He happened to pass by a field in which a poor woman was about to sow wheat. Our Lord told the poor woman to reply to anyone who inquired if she had seen Him pass that way that He had passed when the corn was being sown. Next day, a party of Jewish soldiers who were searching for Our Lord asked the poor woman if she had seen Christ the Nazarene pass that way, and she replied that he had passed when the corn was being sown. But that day the corn was above the ground and the soldiers noticing this, concluded that Jesus had not passed recently. Just as they were about to give up the search and turn back the Dargadale cocked his tail and said "Inde, inde a gaib Se tart".
Ever since the Dargadale is accursed and should be killed when seen for his betrayal of Our Lord. The correct way to kill him is to crush him with your left thumb before he cocks his tail. But this is a very difficult thing to accomplish as he raised his tail immediately danger threatens. An, old formula, which I forget, should be

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