School: Beanntraighe (B.) (roll number 15135)

Bantry, Co. Cork
Dr. Mac Carrthaigh

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Beanntraighe (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0281, Page 028

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The milk left behind by a ferret was given to a person, who had the whooping cough as a cure for it.
A fox's tongue was used to draw a thorn out of a person's hand if it went in.

Once upon a time a farmer and his wife lived in North Cork. They were both very lazy and very poor. One day, as the farmer and his dog were taking a walk through the wood, that was nearby they heard beautiful singing amongst the bushes. The farmer bent down to see what it was. He got a surprise, when he saw a very small man making a pair of shoes. He took him in his hand and asked him where would he find The little man told him if he would let him down he would tell him where to get gold.
The farmer let him down and the little man told him to go home and to bring back with him a spade and shovel and to dig under the tree that was near them. The farmer went home and brought back with him the spade and shovel. As he was nearing the tree he found that the man had disappeared. Then he knew he was fooled and he returned home very downhearted.

Patrick White
Bantry, Co. Cork
Mrs White
Bantry, Co. Cork