School: Drom Bhaoghalláin (roll number 7981)

Ardcarn, Co. Roscommon
M. Pagnam

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0231, Page 265

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I. Come, tell me ladies if you can, who is this highly honoured man who though he marries many a wife he still lives single all his life.
A Priest.
II. Patch upon patch without any stitches. Riddle me that and I will give you a pair of breeches.
A head of cabbage.
III. In the garden was laid a pretty fair Maid, as fair and as fresh as the morn. The first hour of her life she became a wife and she died before she was born.
IV. I washed my face in water that never rained or ran. I dried it in a towel that never was woven or spun.
Dew and Sun.
V. How is Berlin like a drunken man?
It is on the Spree.
VI. Black and white and red all over.
A paper.
VII. When was beef the highest?
When the cow jumped over the moon.

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