School: Dromlachan

Sunnagh More, Co. Leitrim
Peadar Mac Giolla Choinnigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 314

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 314

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  3. XML “Story - The Green Wizard from the Latter End of the World”

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  1. Once upon a time there was a woman and she had three daughters who were three giants. She built a castle for each of them and put them to live in it. After some time her man died and she married again and she had a son and he was a half giant. The mother was very fond of him and she never asked him to do anything, so he spent all his time playing ball at a ball alley. Well one day when he was playing at the alley he met a little green man and the man asked him to play him a game. They played the game and the half giant won so the little green man asked him what he'd like for winning the game, and the half giant said he'd like all the outhouses thatched with feathers. When his mother got up in the morning she saw all the outhouses thatched with feathers and she asked the son where he was the day before. The son told her about the little green man and the mother warned him not to go near the alley anymore.
    Well he didn't mind his mothers warning and he went back a second time and he met
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    Peadar Mac Giolla Choinnigh
    Paddy Dowd
    Cloone, Co. Leitrim