School: Mohill (2) (roll number 8673)

Mohill, Co. Leitrim
Éamonn Bairéad
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 190

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 190

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    different diseases which they contracted in those old filthy sailing packets which then served as transport. The landlords' power was supreme in those days. The tenants under Lord Leitrim were slaves to a certain extent. They could not dig a lea field with the consent of the Landlord who on several occasions made them turn it back when he was not acquainted about it. The law in those days was very severe as people were punished for tiny things. Taxes were collected at all times. The rents and taxes were paid in money. The rents in those days were at least four or five times as much as they are to-day. They were called rackrents in those days. In those days evictions were resisted to the utmost. In some cases the bailiff and his agent had to fly for their lives while in other cases the tenants had already left their houses so that no eviction could take place.
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    A. Bradshaw
    Drumkeilvy, Co. Leitrim