School: Mohill (2) (roll number 8673)

Mohill, Co. Leitrim
Éamonn Bairéad
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 219

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 219

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    funeral, even as far as Granard. She used to pick up dead men's bones in the graveyards, put some spell on them and place them in byres and in fields belonging to neighbours she did not like. Ill luck followed the placing of any of these bones around a mans place.
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  2. On the road joining Downey's hill, Currawn, with Talloran there were five families of Hunts where there is only one family of that name now. They were all weavers, a trade of which is no trace in the district now. In the big wind of 1839 their houses were blown down with only one exception. They were all in an exposed position along the hilltop.
    Old James Clyne, who died about 20 years ago used to tell of the big wind. He was only a child at the time and lived on Drumcory Hill. He and his sister were put in a big wooden chest with a stone on the top to save them should the roof or walls fall. The thatch was all blown off in the gate.
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