School: Mohill (2) (roll number 8673)

Mohill, Co. Leitrim
Éamonn Bairéad
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 220

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 220

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    In Aughdromcarne the Morgan's had a new house not long built. The thatch was blown off and potatoes which were stored on an open loft over the kitchen were swept in an avalanche down on the kitchen floor.
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  2. There is a peculiar lake called Loch Seldon near Edintenny. It comes and goes suddenly at certain times of the year. The change takes place in a night and no one ever sees it. The lake may be there at night-fall and in the morning it may be dry or vice-verse. This Lough is situated between a hill (surrounded by a fort) and the public road.
    One night a man named Beirne who owned land in the vicinity went out to shoot duck by moonlight near the lake edge. As he was returning home he noticed a large drove of cattle coming down from the direction of the road towards the lake. Simultaneously the fort on the opposite hill let up and a drove of fairy bullocks issued from it too. The met in the centre of the lake and
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