School: Mohill (2) (roll number 8673)

Mohill, Co. Leitrim
Éamonn Bairéad
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 158

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0215, Page 158

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    another cure for the jaundice in the graveyard. There is supposed to be a four leafed shamrock in every graveyard and it must be growing at the foot of a headstone. You must go around looking for it until you find it and when you find it you must hang the shamrock at the head of the patients bed for three days until you remark the patient getting better. This is supposed to be true and a lot of people believe in it.
    There is another cure for ringworm.
    Two people and the patient must go with a spade, a shovel and a log and must dig a sod each and rub a piece of each sod to the ringworm and say a prayer before you leave the yard and the ringworm will get better.
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  2. There are four families in my district and there are twenty three people living in it. There are three people over seventy. There is one man named John Rourke Redhill Mohill and he is a good Irish speaker. He says poems in Irish and translates them into English. He tells stories in Irish. He was in America when he was about thirty and he could tell you all about it. There are
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    Mohill, Co. Leitrim