School: Corderay (roll number 12735)

Shancurry, Co. Leitrim
Seán Ó Céilleachair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 187

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 187

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  1. James Mc Rann R.I.P.
    Pat Mc Rann living but an invalid told me twelve years ago. and John Gunning R.I.P. of Knocknasowna told me when I was a boy over thirty years ago that the Dans lived on around Drumshanbo up to a few hundred years ago.
    They could make the best of wine out of heather but guarded the secret.
    The last of the people who held the secret of the wine lived at Lough Acres in the townland of Drumlegere and the foot of Red Pat's land. The father and his two sons were there. They were threatened that if they did not give the secret they would be put to death.
    "If you kill the two young lads I'll give you the secret said the old father.
    The boys were murdered.
    Now kill me said the old man. He died content. I was afraid they might give you the secret.
    This tale appears a few years ago on the "Irish Press" Rody the Rover but I heard it over thirty years ago and even saw or was shown the trace of the house where the Dans lived by Pat McRann.
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Seán Ó Céilleachair