School: Corderay (roll number 12735)

Shancurry, Co. Leitrim
Seán Ó Céilleachair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 233

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 233

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  1. The parish of Drumshanbo Co Leitrim or properly called parish of Murhaun north of the town on the right hand side of road from Drumshanbo to Dowra takes in a large portion of the mountain known as Slieve an-iarainn
    Every year the sheep are sent grazing beyond the Barr of the mountain. Several families have grazing land beyond the Barr and up to the top of the mountain. Cattle too sometimes are allowed to graze beyond the Barr.
    Then we have the townland of
    It is said that a Munster family or families settled here after arriving from Dunboy with OSullivan-Bere. In this part of the parish you find a number of OBriens. They retained the O all along. You have today Johnny OBrien. Tommy's Tom Jack OBrien. Denis OBrien. Oliver OBrien etc. They are supposed to have come from Munster.
    I (writes John P Kelleher) heard it from people of my name long dead that we too come from Munster and a Killeher was one of the 37 that arrived in Leitrim with OSullivan
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    Seán Ó Céilleachair