School: Corderay (roll number 12735)

Shancurry, Co. Leitrim
Seán Ó Céilleachair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 151

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 151

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  1. There was a bad man living at Knockorcas Co Roscommon and he insulted St Patrick in some way.
    The Saint was not the best of humour after his encounter with the serpent, and was terribly annoyed when this bad man insulted him.
    When this man dies said St Patrick I send him to meet another bad man in Co. Longford that greatly vexed me, and these two black dogs shall run every night from the bridge of Bunlahy in Longford to the bridge of Knockvicar in Roscommon.
    Every night two black dogs go by Drumshanbo and across Drumegere hill and on for Knockvicar. The two great black dogs were often seen at Blackrock beside Drumshanbo.
    When those dogs are coming the farmer's dogs along the route rush crying to the doors.
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