School: Corderay (roll number 12735)

Shancurry, Co. Leitrim
Seán Ó Céilleachair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 108

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 108

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  1. Nhocca - n-nasal yacka. = Gallon or n'Knocka.
    Mesh shee for a nhoca oky = Go for a gallon of water
    Lawrk = Cart
    Réab = hay
    Blanogue = cow
    Brawveen = straw
    gloke = man
    sham = man
    feen = man
    sark = field
    Keena = house
    Sherrieras = wheels
    Beoorr = woman or B. [??]
    Corrib him = strike him
    Skrata = gate
    Gráigue = town . [?]
    Burry = Big as a Burry Gráigue
    Gammy = small or mean Gammy Gráigue
    Gullaimins = Boots
    Grathogue = Coat or jacket
    Cullins = potatoes
    Caub = cabbage
    Lascon = salt
    Weed = tea
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