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Food Long Ago

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Ar an leathanach seo

Long ago the foods used by the old people where different from the foods used now. Some of the food was boxty, potatoe bread, oaten bread, boxty dumplings, oaten porridge, indian porridge, bruisy and colcannon.
1. Boxty was made with new potatoes. First of all the potatoes were peeled while raw. Then they were grated into pulp and were squeezed through a piece of muslim or strainer. This was mixed with flour and was baked on a pan. It was eaten with bacon in the mornings and it was used especially at Hallow Eve.
2. Potatoe bread was made with boiled potatoes. These were peeled and were bruised with a pounder. They were mixed with flour and baked on a pan.
3. Oaten bread was made with oaten-meal, flour and salt mixed together. It was a circular cake about the size of a plate and a half and about an inch in thickness.

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