School: Drumcrow

Drumcrow, Co. Cavan
B. Boylan

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0982, Page 169

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Hurling, football and camogie are the chief games played in this country but apart from these there are other games played by children. The following are those that are played
Outdoor= "Hawk and chicken" "hound and hare" "frog jumping" and skittles.
Indoor = "Blind man's buff" ducking and "cards".
When playing "hawk and chicken one person is the "mother" of the chickens and another is the hawk. The mother of the chickens tries to prevent the hawk from taking any of them. In "hound and hare" somebody is the hare and the rest are hounds. The hare gets a good start in front of the hounds and he is ran until he is caught. In frog jumping a person puts his hands on his knees and another tries to jump across him with his hands on his knees also. Skittles are played by putting five sticks standing on the ground and then three longer pieces are thrown at them and whoever knocks one hundred first wins the game. Every

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