School: Drumcrow

Drumcrow, Co. Cavan
B. Boylan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0982, Page 193

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0982, Page 193

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  1. There were many footballs in Ireland long ago. The English government put it down till at last Michael Cusack restarted it.
    A great game was played in Cavan between Lacken and Drumlane O Connell's. It was a draw 3 points all. On the Drumlane team there were two very good men Terry Maguire and Dan Flynn. Maguire was called redoubtable Terry. Flynn was called him the eighteen year old boy. There was a good game in Cornafean between Cornafean and Mullahoran. Cornafean won by 10 pionts to 7 pionts. Coill of Cavan was referee. The best for Cornafean was Tom Flood, Pat Flood, John Reilly, and Pee Reilly. Cornafean and Cavan played a great game in John Joe Reilly's field. It was a great game and it was a draw also. Thomas Reilly
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