School: Drumcrow

Drumcrow, Co. Cavan
B. Boylan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0982, Page 163

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0982, Page 163

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  1. There are many old monuments in Ireland. There is only one old monument about this locality. It is at a well that is in Mullyamble rocks. It is called St Finnan's well. It is said that St Finnan was seen there by Eddy Lynch. He was reading a big book and he was sitting on a rock just beside the well. There is a different taste of the water that is in it to the water that is in any other well. There was Mass said there in olden times. It is called a Mass-Rock. There is the shape of a door cut out in the rock. There are nine ridges all around it also. There is a cross over the
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