School: Yellow Furze

Yellow Furze, Co. Meath
Síle, Bean Uí Leamhain

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0684, Page 284

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About 40 years ago two boys in this parish decided to get a bag of apples in an orchard close to an old graveyard.
It was about 2 o'clock in the morning when the started off and when they had the full of a sack gathered they went into the old graveyard and commenced to divide the apples in this manner "That's mine" and "That's yours", every second time until they had them all evenly divided.
Whie they were sitting on a flat tomb stone with a lighted candle a young boy on his way home from a wake passed by and needless to say he got a terrible fright and ran in all his haste till he met two boys on the road and he told them that "they were counting the souls in the graveyard".
The boys did not believe him but when they came to the churchyard gate they heard "That's mine" & "That's yours", and they could see that there were two men in it by the dim light of the

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